Before submitting your project to the render farm, make sure that it is configured according to the instructions for the up-to-date 3d packages. Otherwise, the result, time and cost of rendering may differ from your expectations!
Prepare the project
Send a request
Fill out the request form in the header of the Lacrimas Farm main page. We strongly recommend installing Telegram if you don't already have it. This will significantly speed up communication and reduce the time required to submit a project for rendering.
Transfer files
We use Nextcloud cloud storage to transfer your files. To speed up the uploading time and synchronisation with the cloud service, we recommend installing an auxiliary utility from Nextcloud.
Render the project
Our managers will check the project, make a previs or a testing render (if necessary) and send it for rendering. At this point, it is important to stay in touch and to check the output files regularly.
Cost and time
The advantage of our farm is that we allow our clients to pay afterwards. After you have uploaded the finished result to your computer, you need to pay the way that suits you.
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