Cost and time
The render farm "Lacrimas Farm" works on a prepaid basis, which can be found by calculating the cost on the calculator. We also have a cumulative system of discounts.
1. Cost and render time calculator
An example of a cost and render time forecast
To calculate the cost of rendering, you can use the calculator on our website. It will also show the comparative time on your computer and on the Lacrimas farm. To do this, you need to specify the Octane Bench of your video card. You can view it in the table by checking the box, or download the benchmark.

Seconds can be entered in tenths - for example, 0.5 is 30 seconds.
In the calculator, we can only take into account the rendering on the video card, the stages of preparing the scene and saving frames in each project are different, so it is not possible to take them into account. Therefore, the result of such a calculation is very conditional, on heavy scenes the difference can be many times, but the calculator will show you a general idea of the time and cost of rendering your project. You can read more about rendering on a farm in the Project Rendering section.

A more realistic forecast of cost and time is calculated 10-20 minutes after the start of the render based on the finished part of the frame range. The higher the percentage of the finished render, the more accurate the forecast.

Rendering goes by all free servers, the cost of one scene, other things being equal, is approximately the same,
conditional is given, example:

- rendering by the 1st server - 24 hours and 200$
- rendering by 20 servers - 1 hour and 200$
2. Making an advance payment
After you have calculated the preliminary cost, you need to reconcile the date and time of the planned render with the manager , announce the cost calculated by the calculator, and make an advance payment.

You can also make an arbitrary deposit and render at any free time for the amount of this deposit.
After receiving an advance payment, the manager will launch your project for rendering, and will show you more accurate forecasts in the process until the end of the render and its cost.
3. The final price of rendering
After the render is finished, you get statistics:

- cost and time to render each scene
- total render cost
- made deposits
- your balance
- total payment

If your balance is positive after rendering is complete, it can be used to render your future projects.
The deposit is not refundable.
4. Payment for rendering for individuals
You need to follow the link in the header of the site to the "Payment" section
You need to contact our managers using WhatsApp (preferably), or email. Invoice are provided upon request.
4.2. Payment through the form. You need to fill out the payment form and then you will be transferred to the electronic payment page. There you enter the card details and pay for the render. The amount must be entered in rubles, your bank will convert automatically to your currency.
5. Payment for rendering for businesses
6. Server access
When your balance in the rendering process comes to 0 $ - access to the server will automatically stop, and you will not be able to receive files, however, the rendering process itself will continue for another 30 minutes.

This period of time is made in order for you to top up your account in time, after which access will automatically resume and you, as before, will be able to receive your finished sequences with the help of the program in the tray and on our server in the browser.

If the payment is not received within 30 minutes, unfortunately, the rendering will stop, but you can pick up your files at any time after replenishing the balance. In special cases, you can ask the manager not to turn off rendering for a while, we are quite loyal to adequate regular customers.
The «Lacrimas Farm» render farm offers a cumulative system of discounts for regular customers. Having reached the numbers indicated in the table, you can get a fixed discount, the maximum benefit is the possibility of post-payment. It provides an opportunity to make payment after you download the render result to your computer. Payment terms are negotiated with the manager.
6. System of discounts
There is a limit of post payment! If the cost of the project exceeds 3500 euro, it is necessary to make a partial prepayment. Its size is discussed individually with the manager.
7. Servers cost
Total rental cost (all 20 servers)
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