1. Render request
You can choose the most convenient way to send a request for rendering:

1.1. Via WhatsApp. By clicking the button in the header of the home page at lacrimasfarm.com, you will be forwarded to a whatsap chat, where our managers will promptly discuss your task with you. We strongly recommend this option as it is the most reliable and efficient way.
1.2. Via email. To do this, you need to follow the link and enter your email address into the form. Our managers will receive it and send you the instructions. This method is less reliable and efficient, but you can also use it.

1.3. You can also find the contact details in the header of the site, call and leave a request, discuss collaboration, individual requirements and any other issues.
2. Booking servers
If you need to use different capacities of the render farm at a certain time, we have a service that allows you to book a server for your project. To do this, you need to write to our managers on WhatsApp (preferably) or by email.
Send a request
2.1. Advance booking with an hourly rate. In this case, you plan to render for a certain time, and we will put you in the queue. This is a regular, minute-by-minute post-payment booking. All scenes must be prepared in advance and uploaded to a common folder. In case of pauses and downtime for preparation and correction, projects of other clients can be sent for rendering.

2.2. Farm booking by the day. You can reserve servers for the whole day, it is usually more expensive, but you will be provided with priority access to all servers for the whole time. This method of booking is possible only with 100% prepayment. The cost of the booking is listed here.
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