Prepare Blender Project

The result of rendering depends on the correct setting of the project file. To avoid mistakes and unnecessary expenses, carefully read the recommendations for each software that you used for your project. For the result of rendering the project without setting "Lacrimas Farm" is not responsible. Be sure to let us know if your software version differs from the one installed on the farm:
3d Max
After Effects
Team and project structure
The key point that will speed up the rendering is not to save all the textures and assets to the blender scene file, it becomes huge, which leads to long manipulations with it, we proceed as follows:
All project files and folders must be named in Latin, without special characters and without spaces.
Correct name:
Project structure:

Project team

- The main folder and subfolders in which the rest of the files are categorized
- One or more scenes to be rendered.
Most file selection windows have a relative path checkbox, or when entering a path in a text field, use a double slash prefix // to make it relative.
Relative paths are set by default, but this can be changed in the edit-preferences-File paths tab
As a result, for safety net, when you transfer all used textures and assets to subfolders of the main folder with the project, activate the Make Paths Relative function
If suddenly you checked everything, tied it up, indicated the paths, but the path to the files was still lost, the Find Missing Files function will save you
Scripts, addons, simulations
If you use addons like Animation Nodes, TextFx and the like, use scripts or simulations in your project, they need to be baked before being sent to the farm.
For different cases, the procedure will be different, the main task of baking is to convert all animations into keys, i.e. rid the project of dependence on third-party addons / programs before submitting. In the case of complex addons like Human Generator, hardops, etc. - you need to inform the manager - he will install the addon on the farm in order to avoid possible problems and loss of time.
An example of baking the AnimationNodes addon, don't forget to uncheck "Auto Execution" before saving
The path to the textures must be specified relative, otherwise you will get a render with lost textures - without specifying a relative path, the blender looks for textures and other external files through C: / or another drive on your computer, respectively, on the new one they lose their binding.
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