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Here you can buy a render clock for your project, bigger, smaller, for broadcast, or mapping, more clocks - more discount)
Arbitrary amount
Here you can pay any amount by QR code
Это наиболее быстрый способ оплаты. Вам необходимо открыть свое банковское приложение на смартфоне, и найти опцию «Оплатить через QR-код» (услуга поддерживается большинством банков.) В современных смартфонах достаточно сфотографировать наш QR-код и система сама предложит открыть его в банковском приложении. Наши реквизиты уже будут распознаны банком, и вам останется только ввести сумму и оплатить рендер.

Наведите камеру на изображение и введите сумму

Payment for legal entities
Here are the details for payment through "LLC", "IP", etc.
Individual entrepreneur Kobets Dmitry Anatolyevich
Current account
Corr. account
044525999 Tochka PJSC Bank "FC Otkritie" Moscow

Server access
The principle of the server to access the finished render
When your balance in the rendering process comes to 0 rubles. - access to the server will automatically stop, and you will not be able to receive files, however, the rendering process itself will continue for another 30 minutes.
This period of time is made so that you have time to replenish your account, after which access will automatically resume and you, as before, will be able to receive your finished sequences with the help of the program in the tray and on our server in the browser.
If the payment is not received within 30 minutes, unfortunately, the rendering will stop, but you can pick up your files at any time after replenishing the balance. In special cases, you can ask the manager not to turn off rendering for a while, we are quite loyal to adequate regular customers.
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