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Licensed software is preinstalled on all servers:
3D пакеты
total octane bench

Our farm consists of 10 servers

Test render - 30 min

Discounts for regular
directly to the PC

Lacrimas Farm benefits

Upon completion of the render, payment
is possible in two ways:
1. Pay online using the button below - this option is suitable for individuals

Заявка на рендер
После заполнения формы вам будет открыт доступ к общей папке на облаке
в телеграмм чат с менеджером
2. For legal entities on request, we'll issue you an invoice documents
Questions and answers
How to transfer the scene and get the render result?
How long will it take to render and how much will my render cost?
  • load your scenes (well) into the deadline render manager
  • after about 20-30 minutes it shows the remaining time until the end of the render
  • based on this, the cost is calculated, all other forecasting methods are extremely unreliable, therefore it is so.

  • It costs a day to book, in this case we mean that you plan to render for a certain time, and we put you in the queue
  • It is worth preparing all the scenes at once and sending them to a shared folder, this way all your material will be rendered, otherwise, rush jobs - in order of turn - that is,. stopped rendering - the next client entered - we are waiting for it
  • If you need a non-stop farm, you can redeem a daily reservation, this is usually more expensive, but priority is booked for you - all nodes are provided in full upon request.
How does the rendering process take place?
You are required to:

  • Tell software versions and render engine
  • set the framerange of the segment you want to render in your software
  • cache all simulations, mographs and so on, if not cached - show in the picture what needs to be cached, I will do it myself
  • in cinema 4d copy this text to the save path: ./out/$prj/
  • for Houdini you need the following info - scene name, full path to the render node, example:

  • if simulations weigh a lot, then to speed up it is better to calculate them from me, so as not to transfer hundreds of gigabytes over the Internet
  • plugins and fonts, if any, should be put in a folder next to the project
  • in especially difficult cases, I provide access via the team viewer for self-configuration

  • The price in the header is for the most affordable server
  • the cost of each server is also indicated separately
  • The final cost is announced only after all renderings, payment also after
Can multiple scenes be rendered at the same time?
  • Yes, you can have 10 scenes in parallel, because 8 servers
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