Prepare a Houdini project

The result of rendering depends on the correct settings of the project file. To avoid mistakes and unnecessary waste, carefully read the recommendations for each software you used for your project. Lacrimas Farm is not responsible for the result of rendering a project without the settings. Be sure to let us know if your version of the software is different from the one installed on the farm:
3d Max
After Effects
Setting the project path $HIP
All paths in the project to alembics, textures, caches, etc. are not specified in absolute paths, for example (H:\Houdini_CACHE\Volcano\Smoke_2), but using the $HIP variable. This is the most important, basic setting for a project running "from the server" when you are on a workstation and the project data are on the server.
Path to the output folder - also use $HIP + try to avoid complex expressions.

Project kit

The project for rendering must be saved with the assets. In this case, all the materials used in the scene must be copied to the same folder.
- In this folder copy only what you need for rendering a particular scene, we do not copy all unnecessary caches, textures and models.
- Always check the project through the PreFlight menu until all necessary links are colored green.

PreFlight window:
Main Render menu - PreFlight item

The main function of this feature:
Analysis of the original references to project resources (models, textures, assemblies, etc.) by the variable $HIP - the directory where the project file *.hip

Use this directory as the root. When you click OK, the PreFlight Check window opens.
Links to resources that are on the "right" paths are marked green. Conform to the $HIP rule,
Red marks references which are outside of this path, i.e. do not correspond to the rule $HIP.

If we left-click on an item, we will see the path of the object or node that uses this resource reference. When we move all objects to desired folders and rewrite paths in nodes through variable $HIP we run preFlight again.

All paths must be "green" except for the Redshift Assets (or the renderer you are using). In this case, the project is ready for uploading to the desired directory.

HDA Assets

Copy all the used assemblies into the project folder in the Otls folder on the cloud and inform the manager about them - we will install them on all servers.
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