Prepare a Maya project

The result of rendering depends on the correct settings of the project file. To avoid mistakes and unnecessary waste, carefully read the recommendations for each software you used for your project. Lacrimas Farm is not responsible for the result of rendering a project without the settings. Be sure to let us know if your version of the software is different from the one installed on the farm:
3d Max
After Effects
All files and folders of the project must be named in the Latin alphabet, without special characters and without spaces.
Use as a delimiter

Correct name:

Project kit

Before collecting the project, it is worth optimizing the scene and clearing it of unnecessary unused garbage, which accumulates when building the scene. To do this, go to the File tab and click Optimize Scene Size
You can see in the console how many empty and unused blocks have been removed from the price.

Then we call the Hypershade window. Go to the Edit tab and click Delete Unused Nodes

This will delete all unused material.
After that, let's make sure all the textures in the project are in their places and there are no broken links to textures. You can do this with Windows/General Editors/File Path DetectorIf all the textures are there, you should see green icons in the window. If not, with this tool you can not only find the missing textures, but also copy them into a new single directory.

Collecting a scene in Autodesk Maya is done through the File/Archive Scene parameter

Cache and plugins

If you have any simulation or procedural animation in your project. Cloth, Particle, XGen, Volume, Mash, Bfrost. Be sure to save everything as a cache to disk, next to the project.
If you use third-party plugins in the project, tell their full name and version to the manager to install them on the farm. It is best to copy all the plugins and put them in the Plugins folder next to the project
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