Cost and time
Our regular customers enjoy the opportunity to pay for the rendering after they have downloaded the files to their computers. For those who use our services for the first time, prepayment is required.
Cost and time of rendering are estimated in 20-30 minutes after the beginning, based on the finished part of the frame range. Since the frames have different loads, this estimate is approximate and may differ from the final numbers. The higher the percentage of the finished render, the more accurate is the estimate.
1. Estimated cost and time of rendering
An example of the estimate of cost and time
2. The final price of rendering
After the rendering is finished, you receive a notification and a table with the total cost and time of rendering.
3. Prepayment for new clients
After the rendering is finished, you receive a notification and a table with the total cost and time of rendering.
4. Payment for rendering for individuals
When the render is complete, you are provided with a screenshot with statistics. Post-payment terms are negotiated personally with the manager and should be reasonable. Payment is possible with any card from anywhere in the world.

4.1. Follow the link in the header of the home page to the "Payment" section
You need to contact our managers using Telegram (preferably), or email. Closing documents for individual entrepreneurs, LLC, etc. are provided upon request.

We also offer a system of discounts for regular customers and opportunities to book servers for your epic projects. Please contact our managers for details.
4.2. Payment using a QR code. This is the fastest way to pay. You need to open your banking application on your smartphone and find the option "Pay via QR-code" (the service is supported by most banks.) In modern smartphones, it is enough to take a picture of our QR-code and the system itself will offer to open it in the banking application. Our details will already be recognized by the bank, and you will just need to enter the amount and pay for the render.

Payment by QR code through a banking application
4.3. Payment through the form. You need to fill out the payment form and then you will be transferred to the electronic payment page. There you enter the card details and pay for the render.
5. Payment for rendering for businesses
6. Servers cost