Cost and time

Render Farm "Lacrimas Farm" works on prepayment, which you can find out by calculating the cost on the calculator.
We also have a cumulative system of discounts.
GPU Calculator
Specify Octane Bench of your video card. You can view it in the table by ticking Single results

Or you can download Octane Benchmark and run it on your PC.

CPU Calculator

Specify the Cinebench of your processor (multi-core). You can see it in the table,

Or download the benchmark and run it on your computer.
Cost Forecast
The cost and render time prediction is calculated 10-20 minutes after the start based on the ready portion of the frames. The greater the percentage of finished rendering - the more accurate the prediction.

Render is done by all free servers, the cost of one scene, all other things being equal, is approximately the same, given a conditional, example:

- Render 1-m server - 24 hours and 10 thousand rubles.
- Render with 20 servers - 1 hour and 10 thousand rubles.


Once you have calculated the preliminary cost, you need to coordinate with the manager the date and time of the planned render, make 100% prepayment and send us a chat screen with the payment.

For complex, large scenes, the calculator usually shows a smaller amount than in real life, so we recommend that in such cases, replenish with some reserve.

You can also make an arbitrary deposit and render at any free time for the amount of this deposit.

After receiving a prepayment, the render starts, and in the process will come in a chat more accurate predictions before the end of the render and its cost.
The total cost of rendering
After the rendering is finished you get the statistics:

- the cost and time of rendering each scene
- total rendering cost
- deposits made
- your balance

If after the end of rendering your balance is positive, it can be used to render your future projects.

There is no refund of the deposit.
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