Render the project
The render farm is not responsible for the result of the rendering if the instructions for the preparation of the project have not been followed properly. We would also want to avoid the situation in which our specialists have to interfere with the project file, to correct and configure it.
1.1. Before sending the project to the final rendering, the manager can make a test preview of the IPR. To do this, you need to pick demonstration frames, and we will send you images for approval.

1.2. If the previs looks correct, you should approve it for the manager, and they start the final rendering. You will be notified about that in a message.

1.3. If the previs reveals any issues, you are given access via TeamViewer (access time is included in the free test for 30 minutes). It is important to check the project following the instructions and to make a previs.

1.4. When the result is satisfactory, you save the project and disable TeamViewer. Then you notify the manager that you are ready for the final rendering.
1. Preview
2.1. When the final rendering begins (not the test), you will receive a notification from the manager. After that, it is highly recommended to be in touch and promptly check the finished result.

2.2. If something is wrong with the result, you have to quickly inform the manager about it. In such cases, we provide a free test rendering for 30 minutes (includes a setup via TeamViewer). If the rendering time exceeds half an hour, and you do not make a signal to stop, then the payment counter turns on.

2.3. If you have the MegaSync application installed, the files will be transferred to the local folder that you specified for synchronization. If the application is not installed, the render result must be checked in the output folder on MEGA.

2.4. For a quick check, it is better to view the files on MEGA. Synchronization with the local folder may take longer. If the files do not appear for a long time, you should let the manager know.

2.5. If some files that are visible in the cloud do not download, you need to follow these steps:
2. The final result
Open MEGA in the browser and go to the settings menu
Reload your account and wait a few minutes
Reload the MegaSync app in the tray
2.6. If the previous methods do not help, you need to go to the MegaSync app settings and enable the "Do not use HTTP" checkbox in the "Transfer" tab, click "Apply". If that doesn't help, disable the checkbox and click "Apply" again.
3. Rendering for new clients
3.1. New clients have access to the finished render only after prepayment. However, we hope that you will work with us in the future and will have a post-payment option.

3.2. Since new clients do not have access to the render folder, you will be receiving screenshots of the sequence from the output folder.

3.3. Upon request, we can send you specific frame files.

3.4. After the rendering is done, you will receive a notification confirming that and a screenshot of the sequence of the finished result.
An example of a preview of the render result
4. Downloading files
4.1. If you use the app, the synchronization with your folder will happen automatically and you will find the finished result on your computer.

4.2. If you use a browser, you will have to download the finished result to your computer after it appears in the cloud folder on MEGA.