Request for rendering

Clicking on the application will send you to the manager in telegram, tell us at what time you plan to render, what software and render engine is used.

The manager will give you username and password to upload the project to our server

Server reservations

If you need to use different render-farm capacities at certain times, we have a service for booking a server for your project. To do this you need to write to our managers in Telegram
Pre-booking with a per-minute payment. In this case you plan a rendering for a certain time, and we will put you in line. All scenes should be prepared in advance and poured into a common folder. In the case of pauses and downtime for preparation and correction, other clients' projects can be sent to render.

Farm reservation by the day. You can redeem the reservation by the day, it is usually more expensive, but you have priority - all servers are provided in full. This method of booking is only possible with 100% prepayment. The cost of renting servers can be found in this section.
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