File transfer
Project files are transferred via Nextcloud storage. Synchronization of files directly depends on their number and size. Avoid large numbers as this can increase the sync timeout.
1. Nextcloud client
For fast and reliable project transfer, download the Nextcloud client.
Install, run and register our server
We confirm the login to the account in the browser.
Enter the username - will provide a manager and password - lacrimasfarm
We grant access to the device.
Next, we make such settings in the application and select a folder - there you need to put your projects for rendering, all collections, assets, fonts, and so on. Ready-made render sequences will appear in the same folder, this is a shared folder between your computer and the render farm - it is mirrored.
You can also add an arbitrary folder from your PC to the shared exchange folder.
When the synchronization is complete, a green checkmark will appear - you need to inform the manager about this.
After the project is uploaded to the cloud, you need to tell the manager the path to the project files (example: farm \ Ilja \ hashtags4. C4d) or send a screenshot.

Before starting rendering, you can replace and move files, create new folders. During the rendering process, it is strictly forbidden to move, delete, etc. anything from the project, nor can you move or delete render files in the out folder.
You can track all synchronizations in the program window.