Download the project

quick and easy way

Logging into the server

- Enter the login - will provide the manager and the password - lacrimasfarm
- Next, drag and drop from the explorer folder with the project, it is better not to archive.

- When all is filled (progress bar will be 100%), you need to tell the manager

- Show the path to the scene(s) to render

Project synchronization

recommended reliable option
The project is synchronized through the Nextcloud application directly to our server.
Before you start rendering, you can replace and move files, create new folders. During the rendering process it is strictly forbidden to move, delete etc. anything from the project, also it is forbidden to move and delete render files in the out folder.

To quickly and reliably transfer your project, download the Nextcloud client.
Install it, start it and register our server

Confirm the login to the account in the browser.

Enter the user name - the manager will provide and the password - lacrimasfarm
Allow access to the device.

Then in the application we make the following settings

Choose a local folder - there to put your projects for rendering, all collections, assemblages, fonts, etc. In the same folder will appear ready to render sequences, this is a common folder between your computer and the render farm - it mirrors.

You can also specify which folders synchronize and which do not. In addition, at any time you can add any local folders for synchronization with the server.

You can keep track of all synchronizations in the window of the program. When synchronization is completed - there will be a green checkmark - you need to inform the manager about it.

The path to the project

After the project is uploaded to the server, you need to tell the manager the path to the project files, for example:
n:\Linar_01\files\Alliance Project_scene_01\Alliance Project_scene_01.c4d

Or send a screenshot from your browser, or from Explorer

This way we'll understand what you need to render and what you don't need)

Verification and monitoring

The result of the rendering is better to control immediately on our server through the browser, due to the fact that the application needs some time to index files and download large volumes.

If there is no synchronization for a long time - do the command forcibly, or restart the client. On large projects with a bunch of small files it takes some time to index...
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